List of Abstracts

Panel/Theme: Challenges and Resilience

International HDR students: Challenges and active forms of resilience
Presenters: Catherine Gomes and Natalie Hendry
Authors and Affiliations: Catherine Gomes, RMIT University; Natalie Hendry, RMIT University; Larissa Hjorth RMIT University; Ingrid Richardson, RMIT University; Gretchen Coombs, RMIT University; Ruth De Souza, RMIT University; Anne Harris, RMIT University

Coping with the ‘double bind’ through digital media practices: Pandemic citizenship of Chinese international students
Presenters: Jian Xu and Xinyu (Andy) Zhao
Authors and Affiliations: Jian Xu, Deakin University; Xinyu Zhao, Deakin University

They Come, They Experience, They Change?: International Students’ Educational Experiences and Perceptions of China Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak
Presenter: Dr. Qiuping Pan
Author and Affiliations: Dr. Qiuping Pan, University of Melbourne; Minghui Ye, University of Melbourne; Huaqiao University (China)

Panel/Theme: Inclusion/Exclusion

Education, Exclusion and Belonging: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international students in Melbourne and Hobart, Australia
Presenters: Dr Enqi Weng and Dr Anna Halafoff
Authors and Affiliations: Dr Enqi Weng, Deakin University; Dr Anna Halafoff, Deakin University

Stigma of the “black-haired foreigner”: Othering of international students amid a global pandemic
Presenters: Elizabeth Baik
Authors and Affiliations: Elizabeth Baik, Temple University; Minsoo Lee, Temple University; Munui Park, Temple University

Fears, Anxieties, Security and Traumas (FAST): informing decision-making to facilitate host and sending country coordination affecting current international students post Covid breakout
Presenter: Khalaf Al’Abri
Authors and Affiliations: Khalaf Al’Abri, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman; Aneta Hayes, Keele University, UK

Panel/Theme: Institutional and Community Responses

COVID-19 and Policy Crisis: Perceptions and Experiences of Chinese International Students in Australia
Presenter: Jing Qi
Author/s and Affiliations: Jing Qi, RMIT University; Cheng Ma, Shanghai Art and Design Academy

Branch campuses: a valuable solution to mobility restrictions?
Presenter: Achille Versaevel
Authors and Affiliations: Jorica Pamintuan, Non-affiliated; Achille Versaevel, Non-affiliated

Covid-19 and Canada: from stable student mobility to enduring remote education?
Presenter/Author and Affiliations: Conrad King, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Story of a local community response to International Students’ needs during COVID-19 induced lockdown
Presenter: Ms. Indira Venkatraman
Authors and Affiliations: Ms. Indira Venkatraman, Department of Accountancy and Finance, University of Otago; Dr Nicola Beatson, Department of Accountancy and Finance, University of Otago

Panel/Theme: Mental Health

The influence individualistic and collectivistic value systems have on the psychological wellbeing of international students during the COVID-19 pandemic
Presenters/Authors and Affiliations: Ashley Humphrey, Federation University; Helen Forbes-Mewett, Monash University

Current Scope of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation in Melbourne: Planning and Preparing
for The Supported Return of International University Students Post COVID-19

Presenter/ Author and Affiliations: Sam Miles, Monash University and Queen’s College (The University of

International student mental health and wellbeing: Complex vulnerabilities in a COVID-19 world
Presenters/Authors and Affiliations: Hannah Soong, University of South Australia; Nicholas Procter, University of South Australia

Panel/Theme: Mobilities

Anxiety and belonging: Understanding international student experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic
Presenter/ Author and Affiliations: Dr Angela Lehmann, Australian National University and The Lygon Group

Return student mobilities: disoriented bodies, vector control, and geopolitical borders
Presenter/Author and Affiliations: Yi’En Cheng, National University of Singapore

Lost in Lockdown? The Impact of COVID-19 on International Student Mobility
Presenter/Author and Affiliations: Jing Yu, University of California Santa Barbara

Panel/Theme: Student Experience

Quarantined between cultures: Using a participatory research approach to empower Chinese students residing in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic
Presenter: Rodney H. Jones
Authors and Affiliations: Rodney Jones, University of Reading; Sylvia Jaworska, University of Reading; Zhu Hua, University of Birmingham

The impact of COVID-19 on employability of South Asian international students and graduates in Australia: A qualitative study
Presenters/Authors and Affiliations: Dr Jasvir Kaur Nachatar Singh, La Trobe University; Dr Sabrina Gupta, La Trobe University

Panel/Theme: Support

(Un)caring infrastructures: Mapping care and support for international students during COVID-19
Presenters: Earvin Charles Cabalquinto, Benjamin Hanckel, Natalie A. Hendry
Authors and Affiliations: Earvin Charles Cabalquinto, Deakin University; Benjamin Hanckel, Western Sydney University; Natalie A. Hendry, RMIT University; Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath, Western Sydney University

Universities really do care about their students – a case study on how RMIT University responded to their students’ crises during COVID-19
Presenters: Lara Rafferty, Anne Grahame
Authors and Affiliations: Lara Rafferty, RMIT University; Anne Grahame, RMIT University; Melanie Duncan, RMIT University

The social and financial impact of COVID on international students in Australia
Presenters/Authors and Affiliations: Laurie Berg, University of Technology Sydney; Bassina Farbenblum, UNSW Sydney

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