Challenges and Resilience Panel

Date: 10 Feb 2021
Time: 09:40 – 11:00


Catherine Gomes
Associate Professor, School of Media and Communication | RMIT University

Natalie Hendry
Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Media and Communication| RMIT University

Jian Xu
Lecturer in Communication in the School of Communication and Creative Artsy and minors in Digital Arts | Deakin University

Xinyu (Andy) Zhao
Lecturer and researcher | Deakin University

Dr. Qiuping Pan
Research fellow | Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Melbourne

List of Abstracts

International HDR students: Challenges and active forms of resilience
Presenters: Catherine Gomes and Natalie Hendry
Authors and Affiliations: Catherine Gomes, RMIT University; Natalie Hendry, RMIT University; Larissa Hjorth RMIT University; Ingrid Richardson, RMIT University; Gretchen Coombs, RMIT University; Ruth De Souza, RMIT University; Anne Harris, RMIT University

Coping with the ‘double bind’ through digital media practices: Pandemic citizenship of Chinese international students
Presenters: Jian Xu and Xinyu (Andy) Zhao
Authors and Affiliations: Jian Xu, Deakin University; Xinyu Zhao, Deakin University

They Come, They Experience, They Change?: International Students’ Educational Experiences and Perceptions of China Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak
Presenter: Dr. Qiuping Pan
Author and Affiliations: Dr. Qiuping Pan, University of Melbourne; Minghui Ye, University of Melbourne; Huaqiao University (China)

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