Mobilities Panel

Date: 10 Feb 2021
Time: 09:40 – 11:00


Yi’En Cheng
Research Fellow in the Asian Migration
cluster| Asia Research Institute, National
University of Singapore

Jing Yu
PhD candidate in Gevirtz Graduate
School of Education |  University of
California Santa Barbara

Dr Angela Lehmann
Sociologist (PhD, ANU) with expertise in migration and higher education within the Asia Pacific | Australian National University and The Lygon Group

List of Abstracts

Anxiety and belonging: Understanding international student experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic
Presenter/ Author and Affiliations: Dr Angela Lehmann, Australian National University and The Lygon Group

Return student mobilities: disoriented bodies, vector control, and geopolitical borders
Presenter/Author and Affiliations: Yi’En Cheng, National University of Singapore

Lost in Lockdown? The Impact of COVID-19 on International Student Mobility
Presenter/Author and Affiliations: Jing Yu, University of California Santa Barbara

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